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Apple blocks passcode-cracking tools used by police with release of iOS 11.4.1

Phone calls are dead; voice chat is the future

Drones and firefighting aircraft make for bad neighbors

Can planes and drones share the skies?

How a house fire in Alaska and a doctor in Seattle forever changed medicine in the northwest

Net neutrality makes a comeback in California; lawmakers agree to strict rules

Jobs lost as UK government’s ESN 4G publc-safety project under fire

The smartphone fingerprint scanner gets a heat-sensing upgrade

Facebook’s push for facial recognition raises privacy alarms

U.S. forces smartphone giant ZTE to fire its CEO and leadership team

Trump’s trade war with China is finally here—and it won’t be pretty, analysts say

There’s even more bad news about IRS information security

CBRS profitability report: Wireless ISP could break even in Year 3

Majority of college Wi-Fi budgets are $750,000 to $1 million

Beware! Fortnite cheat hijacks gamers’ PCs to intercept HTTPS traffic

Why the landline phone will never go away

By gluing fiber to the ground, startup thinks it can slash broadband installation costs


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KT unveils 5G emergency-rescue platform ‘SKYSHIP’

NTIA files petition to update Wireless Priority Service (WPS) program

AT&T to acquire AlienVault

AT&T blog: A glimpse of the 5G future—starting in South Bend, Indiana

AT&T shows the importance of data in Formula 1 racing

Motorola Solutions progresses in MCPTT Plugtests and LEX 11 certification