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Criminals in the cloud: How malware-as-a-service is becoming the tool of choice for criminals

Big data, bigger brother: The rise of James Bond, data scientist

Apple services shut down in China in startling about-face

More Snowden fallout? China bans Apple services in latest blow to the U.S. tech industry

U.S. cyberattacks target ISIS in a new line of combat

A century after the Titanic sank, cyber risks are the new icebergs

CCA CEO Steve Berry says he expects the reverse-auction portion of the incentive auction to wrap up in a couple of weeks

‘Smart homes?’ Not until they’re less dependent on the Internet

Why are we letting our infrastructure fall to pieces?

MulteFire removes LTE-U need for licensed-spectrum anchor

NIST roadmap seeks to help Commerce department leverage analytics for public-safety efforts

City leaders approve using drones as first responders

How the FCC’s massive airwaves auction will change America—and your phone service

Five ways to cripple tech (and the U.S. economy)

As Verizon strike continues, network-sabotage allegations spike

The PC industry needs to evolve or get ready for extinction

The FCC just signaled war against data caps

Google gets beaten to the punch by AT&T on super-fast broadband

The Android Administration: Google’s remarkably close relationship with the Obama White House


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Spring SPOC meeting dives deep into FirstNet implementation, state-plan process

FCC agenda for April 28 meeting includes items on TTY transition to real-time text

FirstNet blog: Mobile World Congress 2016: Checking out wireless-technology advancements for potential use in the NPSBN

FirstNet achieves ‘clean’ audit opinion for fiscal year 2015 financial report

GCI Industrial Telecom to offer Novatel Wireless industrial-grade connectivity solutions for the energy sector

US Transportation Secretary Foxx concludes visits to three ‘smart’ cities in Europe