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FBI says security researcher admitted to hacking plane in-flight, causing it to ‘climb’

FBI claims security researcher took control of plane

Obama Administration: NSA spying will begin shutting down this week, while Congress tries to act before June 1 deadline

Texas governor signs direct-dial 911 bill

Why are we still coordinating disaster relief over voice radios?

President Obama to nominate FCC’s Jessica Rosenworcel for a second term

Seven FCC-reform bills pass House subcommittee in contentious markup

Walden won’t give up on reforming the FCC—exclusive interview

Former Verizon CEO Seidenberg, former FCC Chairman Hundt lobby FCC for LightSquared to get spectrum access to launch network

Swatting: Not a new phenomenon, but the cost is rising

LTE smartphones are becoming faster and cheaper

North Carolina sues FCC over the ability to limit municipal broadband growth

Zebra Technologies unveils refurbished channel program, fleshing out Motorola Solutions acquisition

Motorola Solutions shifts to data-analytics and services focus

FBI clarifies rules on secretive cell-phone tracking with StingRay

The Internet of Things is quickly moving from the realm of science fiction to science fact

Obama to limit military-style equipment for local police departments

Review of the Motorola Solutions LEX L10 public-safety LTE device

Some people do more than text while driving

Deal talks for Here mapping service expose reliance on location data

Rigging of foreign-exchange market makes felons of top banks

Congress wants companies facing cyberattacks to share data, and it’s not a moment too soon


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President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing releases final report

DHS announces winners of innovation competition for ‘Indoor Tracking of Next-Generation First Responders’

EWA and LMCC file 800 MHz interstitial comments

LightSquared makes ex parte filing with the FCC

FirstNet early-builders’ blog: Texas sheriff’s department uses Harris County network

Sepura unveils the next-generation smart device, the SC2020

Sepura announces new controller speaker microphone

ZTE unveils ‘2+4’ platform for mission-critical communications

Airbus Defence and Space launches Tactilon Suite, a broadband solution for hybrid networks

Airbus Defence and Space launches DXTA TETRA server with higher capacity and new capabilities

QLogic and Huawei demonstrate end-to-end 25 GB Ethernet networks

Bandwidth manages 911 services nationwide for top-5 VoIP provider