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Ransomware: Should you pay up?

Virginia sheriff’s department invests in technology with sensors that identify attacks on officers, locations

This is what the ambulance of the future looks like

Dodge is giving its new police cruiser some very Robocop upgrades

FCC spectrum auction bidding ends at $19.6 billion

A NASA engineer was required to unlock his phone at the border

AT&T, Communications Workers of America agree to extend Orange contract; negotiations continuing

CWA members vote for a strike against AT&T with current contract set to expire

AT&T CEO still sees $85 billion Time Warner deal closing by year end

Verizon goes unlimited: This is bad for everyone, says Street

Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile lay out their own privacy principles

Even if you don’t tweet, your ‘anonymous’ web behavior can be linked to your twitter

Building communications infrastructure for first responders

Andrew Seybold blog: FirstNet applications

Is Trump’s phone a cybersecurity threat?

Republican senators concerned about Yahoo’s ‘candor’ concerning data breaches

Russia considers returning Snowden to ‘curry favor’ with Trump: Official

Donald Trump threatened to ‘defund’ California. But the state gives at least as much as it gets

GOP split on net-neutrality strategy

Republicans are ready to take down the FCC

Trump’s FCC begins net-neutrality attack

Ajit Pai will return pro-consumer focus at FCC

Net-neutrality fix faces hard sell

Charter wrongfully charged customers $10 ‘Wi-Fi Activation’ fee, gets sued

The augmented-reality helmet that pinpoints danger with heat maps


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News announcements from our industry

Forward-auction portion of FCC’s incentive auction closes with total bids of $19.63 billion

FCC announces schedule for the assignment phase of the forward incentive auction

FCC’s PSHSB announces opening of four-week testing period for Version 3.0 of network outage reporting system

Azcom collaborates with Pontiradio, ecom to showcase LTE-based mission-critical applications at Mobile World Congress 2017

Honeywell and Seeq collaborate to help industrial customers become safer, more efficient and more reliable