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U.S., China agree not to conduct economic espionage in cyberspace

China-U.S. hacking accord is long on rhetoric, short on substance

Is U.S. entering cyber détente with China?

Tower technician fall to his death in Pennsylvania

Sprint dumps 600 MHz incentive-auction plans

Verizon first with QoS for IoT

Municipalities: Broadband is not a ‘core utility’

FBI to collect more data on police shootings, use of force

Snow sensor to predict avalanche conditions at Alaska’s Turnagain Pass

Arizona State researcher take the war online back to ISIS

A lifeline argument not rooted in reality

Cell-phone lobby win means ‘more people will die’

Study: Poor management of Wi-Fi assets could cost operators $18 billion in lost revenue


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News announcements from our industry

FCC’s David Simpson blog: Tools for PSAPs

FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai: Sprint backed out of spectrum auction because government chose winners and losers

PPDR mobile broadband spectrum: fighting for radio frequencies

Norfolk police department adopts LexisNexis citizen crime reporting solution

FirstNet hiring administrative management specialist

Zetron partners with IPVideo to sell video-surveillance and security products

Ada County, Idaho awards Federal Engineering consulting contract for 800 MHz NPSPAC repack plan

Gary Lorenz to join Sensear team