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FCC votes to adopt new 3.5 GHz spectrum sharing plan for ‘Innovation Band’

Norway announces plans to become the first country to shut off FM radio

FCC field-office phase out—will ‘tiger teams’ really do the trick?

Live long and prosper? Impressions from the FirstNet SPOCs meeting

Raytheon revs up growth with bold Websense cybersecurity venture

FBI can’t cut Internet and pose as cable guy to search property, judge says

Moore’s Law hits 50, but it may not see 60

Moore’s Law is dead. Long live Moore’s Law

With millennials gaining influence, surveillance reform is inevitable

Jackpots await local TV stations in FCC auction of airwaves

FBI pulls computer security expert off of flight after he tweets about hacking its systems

Europe vs. Google: Nothing to stand on

Will smart cities thrive better than muni Wi-Fi?

The incredible Jun: A town that runs on social media



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FCC makes 150 MHz of contiguous 3.5 GHz spectrum available for mobile broadband through innovative sharing policies

Norway press release on plans to shut off FM radio

FirstNet schedules Friday board meeting

FirstNet blog: Recap of two-day SPOC meeting

NIST blog: Securing a public-safety broadband network with identity management

Public-safety applications: Helping to improve situational awareness for first responders

LMCC seeks responsibility for identifying VRS vs. telemetry coordination procedures at 173 MHz

LMCC sets near-term agenda, elects board of directors during annual meeting