Hytera Communications yesterday expressed confidence that it “will be vindicated” in litigation filed last week by Motorola Solutions—an act that Hytera Communications portrayed as an attempt by Motorola Solutions to suppress radio competition in the United States.

“We are disappointed that Motorola Solutions has chosen to bring lawsuits against Hytera rather than compete in the marketplace,” Hytera Communications said in a statement released yesterday. “We are ready to respond vigorously to Motorola Solutions’ allegations, and are fully confident that Hytera will be vindicated in U.S. federal court.”

Filed in a federal district court, Motorola Solutions’ lawsuits allege that Hytera Communications was able to develop DMR products “at a very quick pace” after Hytera Communications began hiring engineers who had resigned from Motorola in 2008. Before leaving Motorola, three engineers cited in the case—Samuel Chia, Y.T Kok and G.S. Kok—downloaded more than 7,000 files that they took with them as they joined Hytera Communications, according to the lawsuit.

Motorola Solutions alleges that Hytera Communications used these documents as a “shortcut” to develop a product portfolio that infringes on seven Motorola Solutions patents and several trade secrets, according to the lawsuit.

But Hytera Communications contends that it “is built on innovation,” noting that the company has been awarded 418 worldwide patents, 238 of which are related to digital products, according to yesterday’s statement.

“Hytera has been proactively protecting its innovative technologies,” according to the statement. “Given Hytera’s own global strategy of intellectual property protection, we have great respect for the intellectual property rights of others.

“By choosing the courtroom over the marketplace, Motorola Solutions is running from legitimate competition and attempting to use its size and market position to intimidate and prevent other radio communications companies like Hytera from achieving the same level of success in the United States that it currently has around the world.

“On the other hand, as the fastest-growing radio communications company in the world, Hytera embraces competition. Competition results in increased innovation and more choices for dealers and customers—and our customers always come first. Hytera will continue to stand by these principles and compete ethically and vigorously to bring cutting-edge products and solutions to the market. Nothing will change our focus.”

Motorola Solutions stood by its litigation claims in a comment to IWCE’s Urgent Communications.

“We reiterate that Hytera’s brazen copying and blatant, willful infringement of Motorola Solutions’ technology create an unfair playing field and threaten the industry’s ability to innovate,” Motorola Solutions spokesperson Tama McWhinney said. “We are committed to vigorously defending our valuable intellectual property while continuing to drive innovation and technical excellence for the benefit of our customers around the world.” ​