City of Richardson (Texas): Steve Graves describes transition from LMR to enhanced PTT offering

Aug 19, 2016

Steve Graves, chief information officer for the city of Richardson, Texas, describes the operational and financial benefits achieved by having general-government employees leverage a carrier-based push-to-talk (PTT) service. Public-safety users also plan to use the carrier PTT technology to supplement communications on the existing P25 system.


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AnonymousradiousersNY (not verified)
on Jul 28, 2017

It scares me to watch this video. People really have no clue and very short memories. Like anything else, you get what you wish for. So when the dpw, water, gas, electric folks turn in their conventional two way radios and after they've been in the rack charger for two years and either don't work or get sold... something bad is gonna happen and all these people are going to be left holding the bag with piece of crap I phones that don't do anything except give you the time of day. Then all these "know it alls" will be standing around scratching their heads. Donny, the cheerleader routine is old, especially when you have no clue the implications of what you are talking about. Live through 9/11 or Sandy here in NY where cell phones didn't work for days and weeks on end and then formulate an educated opinion. He'll, at&t barely has usable service here now, and it's under no duress.

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