LAS VEGAS—Motorola Solutions today announced two new versions of its APX 8000 P25 radio that are designed to be used in hazard-location (hazloc) environments, as well as the news that the company’s LEX L11 LTE device has received the “FirstNet Ready” designation and is certified for use on the AT&T network.

Anatoly Delm, Motorola Solutions’ global marketing director for devices and infrastructure, said the APX 8000H and APX 8000HXE are versions of the APX 8000 and APX 8000XE—the company’s popular all-band P25 portable radios—that are designed to meet the highest rating of hazardous-location usage.

“The H version of [the APX 8000] are Division 1 hazloc, as rated by Underwriters Laboratories,” Delm said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “What that means is that, if you’re in an environment where there are flammable or explosive gases present—even at high concentration—that radio will not set off set off a spark, and it will not endanger you.

“For firefighters at a jet-fuel fire or anywhere else where you cannot afford to have a spark go off, that’s the kind of radio you want to have, if you want to be confident that no spark will happen.”

Delm said the APX 8000H and APX 8000HXE are commercially available.

Motorola Solutions introduced the LEX L11 LTE handset during IWCE 2018 in March. With the “FirstNet Ready” designation, the device is approved for used on FirstNet, the nationwide public-safety broadband network being built by AT&T. Motorola Solution is a member of the AT&T team selected to build FirstNet, and the LEX L11 is the company first handset approved for use on the new network.

“FirstNet is transforming how our first responders operate on a day-to-day basis and coordinate incident management. Motorola Solutions is dedicated to providing the cutting-edge solutions first responders require to take advantage of FirstNet’s capabilities through technology like the LEX L11,” Mary Doherty, vice president of sales and services at Motorola Solutions, said in a prepared statement.

“The LEX L11 marries traditional push-to-talk communications reliability between first responders with software applications that allow them to share multimedia information with one another.”
Chris Sambar, senior vice president, AT&T-FirstNet, said the LEX L11 provides first responders with another valuable device choice that will operate on the FirstNet system.

“The more advanced tools public safety has access to on their network, the more we can help them achieve their mission,” Sambar said in a prepared statement. “With the FirstNet Ready designation, first responders can be confident that Motorola Solutions’ LEX L11 is a trusted solution that meets FirstNet’s standards for relevancy, high security and performance.”

All of these Motorola Solutions devices can viewed in Booth #1325 at the APCO 2018 expo.