Amcom updates Smart Console

Amcom Software released its enhanced Smart Console call-center software. Operators can use the software to manage scheduling, edit phone numbers and perform on-call scheduling from the console. Other features include team chat capabilities to keep operators connected and let them share real-time information. According to the company, system administrators can benefit from smart client technology that allows software updates to be tested on a single PC and then automatically distributed to all operator PCs.

Polaris offers mass-intercept technology

Polaris Wireless announced the availability of the first high-accuracy mass-intercept location application. The mass-intercept solution can pinpoint the location of all mobile devices in a network within 50 meters, allowing intelligence and law-enforcement agencies to locate millions of handsets in real time. The solution uses Polaris Wireless Location Signatures technology. According to the company, the solution collects this and uses it to match incoming signals to an extensive database of values to determine accurate handset location — regardless of the type of environment.

Thornton, Colo., implements CompassCom resource manager

CompassCom Software Corp. implemented a multi-fleet Mobile Resource Management solution for the city of Thornton, Colo. The city now can manage more than 100 vehicles from four city departments, tracking with GPS in real time. The vehicle fleets included in the mobile resource-management implementation are snowplows, fire engines, ambulances and a variety of service trucks. According to the company, the solution is a universal mobile resource-management server that receives wireless GPS-based location and status information from vehicles in multiple fleets over different communications networks simultaneously. It is compatible with CompassTrac and ESRI-based GIS software, and provides location-based data in real time via the Internet or intranet for display on computer-aided dispatch (CAD), mobile data terminals or third-party software.

Alabama county awards CallWorx NG E911 contract

Shelby County, Ala., has awarded Emergency CallWorx a contract to provide an integrated, multi-agency next-generation (NG) E911 call-taking solution. ECX uses IP, VoIP and Web 2.0 architecture. It also combines the use and receipt of VoIP telecom technologies, integrated messaging, Phase I/II wireless, VoIP caller-specific features, notification options and network access into a mission critical emergency response solution. Shelby County will use ECX NG911 call taking by integrating with several legacy CAD systems, according to the company.