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Verizon, AT&T to other cities: Don’t use San Jose’s small-cell deployment model

So, what the heck does 5G actually do? And is it worth what the carriers are demanding?

Facial recognition found Capital Gazette shooter among 10 million photos

LTE wireless connections used by billions aren’t as secure as we thought

UK Home Office head: ESN still the right strategic direction

NG911: Are we there yet?

Walkie-talkie function now active in beta version of Apple Watch operating system

Samsung phones are spontaneously texting users’ photos to random contacts without their permission

A bug in Samsung’s default texting app is sending random pics to other people

Managing body-cam data a new challenge for police

Judge slams Tacoma for not releasing stingray records

Ransomware: Not dead, just getting a lot sneakier

Secret Service warns of gas-pump card skimmers as July 4 travel hits

AT&T tracking to meet 2018 network-virtualization goal

AT&T ‘just getting started’ on IIoT as it plans to deploy NB-IoT network in U.S., Mexico

Man accused of threatening FCC chairman’s family over net neutrality

Blair Levin speech: Cities, the FCC and gigabit networks

Public Safety Advocate: FirstNet progress and coverage issues

New app helps people stay safe during natural disasters

Wisconsin college build magnetic mounts for St. Croix County’s body-cam project using Kyocera device, Visual Labs solution

Rural Pennsylvania fire company captain adopts FirstNet

In the UK, it is all about 700 MHz


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AT&T tells FCC that commission action is needed to regulate small-cell deployment fees, timelines at local level

Motorola Solutions press release about ITC judge finding that Hytera Communication infringed on four Motorola Solutions patents

Hytera statement regarding the determination of ITC Administrative Law Judge McNamara on July 3

Federal Engineering to provide Lenor County, N.C., with radio-coverage assessments