FirstNet yesterday released a consultation package that provides a checklist of items that states and territories should prepare prior to initiating official consultation proceedings with FirstNet, which could begin as early as July 1 for each jurisdiction.

In April, FirstNet delivered proposed checklists to the state points of contact (SPOCs) in the 56 states and territories impacted by FirstNet and sought additional input. That input was incorporated into the consultation package, which includes a six-point “readiness checklist” that states and territories need to complete before initiating talks with FirstNet and eight “discussion topics” that FirstNet would like submitted.

“The release of the initial consultation package is an important next step in our coordination and planning work with the states, as well as implementing FirstNet’s program roadmap,” TJ Kennedy, FirstNet deputy general manager, said in prepared statement. “Each state plan will be developed through an iterative process, and this package will ensure a strong foundation as we begin consultations with each state and territory, so we can hit the ground running.”

FirstNet hopes to begin consultations with each state and territory between July 1 and Nov. 30, according to the consultation package. Much of FirstNet’s hiring during the past several months has been directed toward ensuring that the organization has the staff necessary to conduct effective consultations with states and territories.

“We are enthusiastic and prepared to begin in-person consultations with each state and territory,” Dave Buchanan, FirstNet’s director of state consultation, said in a prepared statement. “Through a highly collaborative process, we will engage each state and territory to understand and support the needs of their public safety communities, develop state plans, and deploy an operational broadband network.”

Last fall, FirstNet officials indicated that the organization would work with each state and territory to devise a network plan designed to meet the first-responder needs in each jurisdiction.