It is important that companies wanting to serve these markets understand the transformative changes in the communications space and how it can impact the public-safety solutions they want to provide—both in terms of functional capabilities and how services are delivered, Kennedy said.

“I think you have a new platform—public-safety broadband—and this platform allows for companies to provide their hardware and software in a very different way,” Kennedy said. “People will now be buying services, people will now be leveraging the cloud in public safety, and they’ll be leveraging both smart devices and IoT.

“It means that everyone that’s involved in that kind of technology today should have a plan for how do they embrace the public-safety marketplace and how do they serve police officers, firefighters and paramedics in meeting their needs … “We want to make sure that technology companies of all types really leverage this new market and become part of the solutions that are available to public safety, and we want to help them with their corporate strategy to do that.”