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Regulatory uncertainty overshadows T-Mobile’s acquisition of Sprint

An obscure 2017 telecom deal explains why T-Mobile and Sprint agreed to merge

T-Mobile CEO to regulators: China is beating U.S. on fast 5G wireless, but our Sprint deal can change that

Is a T-Mobile merger the last best hope for Sprint to survive?

Sprint and T-Mobile try again, but antitrust hurdles remain the same

Motorola Solutions snaps up $261 million extension in Australia

FCC: New York ‘deceiving consumers’ over 911 taxes

More wireless broadband coverage coming to San Jose via light poles

Artificial intelligence to aid emergency dispatchers in Europe

Communications drones promise to provide additional coverage, capacity to first responders throughout the world

U.S. Department of Justice and AT&T offer closing arguments in Time Warner antitrust case

The Pentagon is working on radio-wave weapon that stops a speeding car in its tracks

Police take down the world’s large DDoS-for-hire service

Over a million vulnerable fiber routers can be easily hacked

Samsung more than doubles storage of Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

The Nokia approach: Why ‘security by design’ is a must

Virtual radar could reduce permitting delays

EE UK boosts 4G mobile coverage in Scotland with 90 new masts


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3GPP approves additional requirements for an enhanced Public Warning System (ePWS)

FirstNet blog: Recap of 3GPP plenary meetings in Chennai, India

T-Mobile and Sprint to combine, accelerating 5G innovation and increasing competition

Bipartisan bill to promote precision agriculture, rural broadband passes Senate Commerce Committee

AT&T and CitySwitch sign deal for building and leasing new cell towers beginning in 2018

Declaration Networks Group (DNG), Microsoft announce rural-broadband agreement in Virginia and Maryland

Washoe County, Nev., awards Federal Engineering with LMR consulting contract