LAS VEGAS—Pryme Radio Products this week at IWCE 2016 will showcase new wireless accessories that can be used in conjunction with two-way radios, Android devices and Apple devices—including simultaneous operations over multiple devices, according to company President Dave George.

“We’re continuing to move to more and more wireless accessories—wireless accessories that can bridge the gap between two-way radios and cell phones,” George said during an interview with IWCE’s Urgent Communications. “Most of our new wireless stuff can be operated on both a cell phone and two-way radios simultaneously, because we see so much more of that in the last year.

“We’ve done a lot more development on the Bluetooth low-energy technology, which is compatible not only with Android devices but Apple products, as well. Now, all of the new stuff is not only capable of working on two-way radios, but it can also work on Apple products and Android products—all in one unit, which makes life a lot easier for our customers.”

One such product line is Pryme Radio Products’ new series high-performance Bluetooth ear muffs that come in three styles—one for the aviation market, the racing sector and one that clips onto the hard hats used by construction workers, George said.

“The Bluetooth is built right into them, instead of using a little box that hangs out of the bottom, like everybody’s been doing for the last few years,” he said. “We actually built the Bluetooth inside of the headsets and used waterproof membrane switches to make the headsets waterproof.

“They’re capable of dual pairing with a cell phone and two-way radio at the same time.”

In addition, Pryme Radio Products will showcase several new versions of its BTH-300, a small Bluetooth lapel microphone with jack on top of it that works with a variety of device, including new compatibility with Apple products.

“I think last year we had three headsets we could plug into it [at the 2015 IWCE show,” George said. “Now, we have nine.

“We’re trying to take Bluetooth to those other markets—from motorcycle helmets hand gliding, bicycle-patrol officers who can use the helmet kit, the throat mic for the high-noise environments, the boom headset for the retail or industrial user. So there’s more versatility in that product.”

In addition to the wireless accessories, Pryme Radio Products also has more than 5,000 skews of wired accessories, including a new fireproof cabling, George said.

Partnering is playing a big role in the accessory company’s direction, as Pryme Radio Products works with carriers like AT&T and Verizon, cellular handset maker Kyocera and Sonim, and LMR manufacturer Kenwood and Motorola Solutions’ MOTOTRBO devices, George said.