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Video May 28, 2018

Comtech: Brian Salisbury highlights benefits of leveraging location data in IoT solutions

Brian Salisbury, Comtech’s vice president of product management, explains how his company is delivering secure low-power solutions to provide location information for Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives
Video May 27, 2018

Bittium: Jani Lyrintzis discusses IoT engineering work, teases new public-safety device

Jani Lyrintzis, vice president and general manager at Bittium, highlights the wireless-engineering services that his company brings to the Internet of Things (IoT) space, including work as a partner for Verizon's ThingSpace. Lyrintzis also talks about development of a next-generation public-safety device that could be announced later this year.
Video May 24, 2018

Cambium Networks: Bruce Collins discusses connectivity, network-management solutions for IoT

Bruce Collins, director of product management for Cambium Networks, explains how his company can provide multiple forms of wireless connectivity and its Maestro secure, cloud-based management system to support Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives.
Video May 24, 2018

The Public Safety Network: Vicki Lee highlights global LTE efforts, capex-to-opex transition

Vicki Lee, vice president of The Public Safety Network, updates the progress of public-safety LTE initiatives in countries throughout the world and provides insights about governments’ desire to transition first-responder communications from capital-intensive initiatives to an operational-expense models that leverage cloud technologies.
Video May 22, 2018

Focused Mission: David Craig describes Puerto Rico recovery challenges after Hurricane Maria

David Craig, co-founder of Focused Mission, explains how Puerto Rico communications in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria was a "real-life case study of what can happens when everything fails." However, by utilizing low-data-rate satellite communications, Focused Mission was able to help process credit cards, support hospitals and help survivors deliver personal communications.
Video May 20, 2018

Swarm Technology: Alfonso Iniguez demos 'intent-based autonomy' technology for coordinating drones

Alfonso Iniguez, founder and CEO of Swarm Technology, demonstrates how the startup company's patented technology lets connected drones and robots respond as a coordinated group to mission-focused commands as efficiently as possible, rather than having each object controlled individually. Based on concepts developed after years of observing ants, this "solidarity cell architure" provides the distributed artificial intelligence needed to coordinate the robots or drones.
Video May 18, 2018

Avnet: Peter Fenn talks about AT&T partnership, company's IoT solutions portfolio

Peter Fenn, Avnet's global technical marketing manager for microcontrollers and wireless connectivity, showcases components that are available to developers through its partnership with AT&T and highlights Avnet's versatility in the Internet of Things (IoT) space.
Video May 18, 2018

FirstNet: Bill Schrier outlines key IoT technologies that are relevant to public safety

FirstNet senior advisor Bill Schrier discusses current and future Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities that can help public-safety entities respond more effectively, as well as the need for data-sharing agreements in the sector.
Video May 01, 2018

Minn. National Guard: Thomas Simota showcases capabilities of deployable communications unit

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Thomas Simota, interoperable communications manager for the Minnesota National Guard, highlights the features of a Minnesota National Guard deployable unit, which is designed to support interoperable communications between the military and public-safety entities.
Video May 01, 2018

Minnesota PSCC: Dana Wahlberg outlines approach to implementing text-to-911 service statewide

Dana Wahlberg, director of Minnesota's Emergency Communications Networks (ECN) division, explains how Minnesota began providing text-to-911 service at seven regional centers before expanding the capability statewide.

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