UTC's Kilbourne: Utilities are a logical FirstNet partner

Mar 13, 2013

Donny Jackson, editor of Urgent Communications, spoke with Brett Kilbourne, vice president of government and industry affairs for the United Telecom Council (UTC), about the notion of utilities partnering with FirstNet in the much-anticipated 700 MHz nationwide broadband network.

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Anonymous (not verified)
on Mar 16, 2013

There is no reason in major metropolitan areas to not consider the cellular providers existing LTE networks.

Anonymous (not verified)
on Apr 25, 2013

Wow, cannot believe how far behind the US is with mobile communications. The rest of world (Public Safety, Transportation, Utilities) use TETRA networks. Being an engineer designing both TETRA and Cellular/LTE, LTE is not designed for broadcast communications; data is fine if you have enough bandwidth/low usage. No MIMO at 700 MHz. And if you have do use software to add P25 or other LMR, forget it. Everyone on during a crisis, it will crawl. I rather have TETRA/TEDS in this case. Get it together US, build a TETRA network with its migration to LTE - best of both worlds. Oh, yes, Moto does make TETRA and it is pretty good.

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