Next-Generation Communications: What Does it Mean to You?

For quite a while, the public-safety community has been excited about the prospects of next generation communications technologies that will leverage broadband systems. On a high level, first responders understand that such communications will greatly improve their ability to serve and protect, and at the same time keep them safer.

This four part series will provide a ground-level view of next generation communications for public safety, as industry experts examine the specifics of where we are today, what will be possible in the future for first responders, PSAPs and our communities, and most importantly, what needs to occur to make the vision a reality.

Part 1: Where are we today?

Join us as we review the reallocation of the 700 MHz D Block to public-safety and the role of the NTIA in the network buildout. We will also provide an overview of the myriad capabilities that broadband will make possible, and explore the prospective governance models for the network.

Our Panel:

  • Anna Gomez, Deputy Administrator, NTIA
  • Andrew M. Seybold, CEO and Principal Analyst, Andrew Seybold, Inc.
  • Harlin McEwen, Chairman, Public Safety Spectrum Trust Corp.
  • Charles Dowd, Deputy Chief, NYPD Communications
  • Jeff Johnson, Director, Western Fire Chiefs Association

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